Dar-Raj Property & Investment Company Limited was incorporated as a Real Estate Development & Finance Company. Dar-Raj is set to revolutionalise property and real estate business in line with modern global trend of digital hi-tech age via online real-time property investment management and returns in the usual fashion of their well-known Compassionate ways of approaching business. Having thoroughly researched and analysed operating environment and the dire needs for the twin aspects of shelter, finance and investment for quality living, Dar-Raj have taken real estate business to another dimension with the ultimate aim of providing satisfactory and rewarding returns on investment while ensuring an equipoise state of mind through ensuring own shelter and accommodation. Hence, the traditional system

of acquiring property as a very long-term, lifetime venture with total concentration and sacrifice of even immediate necessities must give way to a life of leisure, peace of mind, good living standard while ensuring an affordable shelter for the individual and family. While not reserving the prestigious title of landlord to the bourgeois, members of the top echelon of the society.

Who says with DAR-RAJ life is not to be enjoyed to the fullest? We provide clients with different options of retail acquisition, wholesale, trading options and life-time investment opportunities, including an opportunity for the younger generation against future provision. With Dar-Raj every client is a winner, and all members of the household/family is covered.

Our Vision

A Role Model and Reference Point In Real Estate Business At All Times.

Our Mission

Provide Suitable And Affordable Homes To All Irrespective Of Class, Income, Age or Location and Thereby Raise Their Standard of Living. We Maintain Close Proximity To Our Clients And Ensure Tailor-Made Services Towards Fulfilling Their Peculiar Needs...

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