Premium Estate

ANGELS COURT is a series of premium but affordable Estates being financed and developed by a consortium of investors managed by DAR-RAJ PROPERTY & INVESTMENT COMPANY LIMITED.

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Oceanview Estate

*Stillness *Security *Peace

Set in a dry, flat, sandy upland devoid of swamp or water-gathering, this Estate provides owners with the ambience setting of a cool ocean breeze, like that of a beach yet far removed from the sea.

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Making your Investment in Properties

Dar-360 Sales is an innovative product of Dar-Raj Property & Investment Services Limited that gives the client an opportunity to recover AUTOMATICALLY the investment made in the purchase of our lands once it is one year of purchase..

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Investment Plans

DAPIS (Dar-Raj Property Investment Sceme) is designed with the low income earners and small business owners in mind whose dream of owning own land and thereafter their own home appears a tall dream in the game of real estate business being confined to the bourgeois.

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Dar-Raj Land Agency Scheme

Enables you earn monthly reward from use of your invested funds in acquiring the vast acreage of lands and other high networth properties we offer for sale to the public. Since this is a venture that has price advantage of bulk purchase, the company shares the proceeds thereof with providers of the funds through graduated monthly returns as per level of contribution.

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Swap for a Better Choice

Dar-Raj Property Swap is a process whereby the Company allows any of its clients to make a choice of property location based on his/her accounts. It does not matter what property the client has initially bargained and made payments as the client is free to make a request that the choice of location of the property be moved elsewhere.

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Better Family Option

Dar-Feed is an arrangement by the Company whereby those who made outright payment have their feeding budget taken care of by the company’s extensive agricultural programme through supply of foodstuff such as rice, vegetable oil,

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The Beautiful ones are Indeed Born

KiddyGoldHouse [kGh] is a creative scheme designed by the company and targeted towards children and young adults, aimed towards assisting their parents plan for their future with ease without necessarily undertaking hearbreaking, very risky and burdensome routes that has less returns but attendant high risk..

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